Economica examines the research field of sustainability on the basis of two dimensions:

Resource and material efficiency

When it comes to operational efficiency improvements, the focus has traditionally been on labor as a production factor. As a result of these intensive efforts to increase labor productivity, however, the cost shares of the individual factors in production have shifted considerably, with the result that personnel costs in many areas of the manufacturing sector now only offer limited potential for savings. Resource efficiency in general and material efficiency in particular have been neglected to some extent in companies' optimization calculations to date.

Based on well-founded statistical models, the interrelationships and potentials in resource and material efficiency can be recorded and examined for individual regions and industries. Subsequently, based on these results, optimizations can be calculated and ultimately recommendations for action can be derived.

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SWOT/risk analysis

In general, every economic and socio-political decision is accompanied by opportunities and risks. Risk analysis deals with the ex-ante evaluation of these potential hazards ("threats") and the identification of their causes. The result of this evaluation process is a qualitative and quantitative assessment of possible courses of action. Only through this well-founded preparation of the expected reactions can the best possible basis for decision-making be created.

As a specialized institution in the field of economic risk research, Economica can evaluate topic- and industry-specific risks, with the methodological focus on quantitative analysis. The primary objective is first of all to represent reality as best as possible by means of appropriately calibrated models. The mathematical and statistical methods used for this purpose are based on the current state of scientific research and are subject to continuous further development. The expertise of the Economica team allows us to analyze complex situations and to evaluate options for action in order to create the best possible risk analyses. The results and conclusions obtained in this way ultimately form the basis for precise decision recommendations.

Our methods

SWOT analyses
Logit models
Probit models
Analysis of the cost structures of the companies
Regional benchmarking
Industry comparisons (ÖNACE)

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