Economica examines the research field of competitiveness on the basis of several dimensions:

Austria as a business location

At Economica, we attach great importance to a holistic view of the Austrian economy. Our analyses combine various key indicators - from productivity and innovative strength to quality of life - to paint a detailed picture of resilience and competitiveness. Our goal? To highlight clear strengths, identify potential for improvement and offer practical recommendations for stakeholders in Austria as a business location.

International trade is at the heart of our research. Our team delves deep into Austria's trade relations, analyzes opportunities and risks for export-oriented companies and takes into account the dynamics of global markets. Using comprehensive benchmarking analyses, we compare Austria's position with that of other regions, identify attractive markets and specialize in promising sectors such as environmental technologies and high-tech exports. Our work provides a solid basis for successfully positioning a wide range of goods and technologies.

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Digitalization and skilled workforce

Economica is at the forefront when it comes to researching digitalization in the corporate world. We want to understand how Austrian companies are using digital technologies to improve business processes, create innovative products and services and consolidate their market position. We pay particular attention to the challenges associated with digital transformation - including data protection, cyber security and the implementation of sustainability goals.

In an age characterized by rapid technological change, it is essential to analyse the impact of digitalization on the economy and society. With our studies, we shed light on the crucial role of digitalization for corporate success, industry development and the economy as a whole. We also examine how digital technologies can contribute to solving social challenges.

In the era of digital transformation, the lack of qualified specialists with the necessary digital skills is also a major hurdle. We identify bottlenecks that slow down growth and innovation in the digital economy and develop strategies to counteract them. Our goal is to identify solutions that mitigate the skills shortage and accelerate the digital transformation in Austria and beyond.

At Economica, we are committed to shedding light on the complex dynamics of the digital era through our research and providing practical solutions for a sustainable, successful future.

Our methods


Distance analysis

Market concentration analysis

Index formation

Gravitational model

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