Health economics

Health preservation and restoration are invaluable for individuals.

From a societal and political standpoint, prioritizing optimal health remains a commendable goal. Early diagnosis, preventive measures, accurate medication, and effective treatment play pivotal roles in averting economic strains caused by avoidable hospitalizations, loss of earnings, and care allowances. Stakeholders in politics, interest groups, healthcare providers, and pharmaceutical companies require meticulously researched, evidence-based knowledge.

Our interdisciplinary health research team specializes in investigating and analyzing complex subjects, blending expertise in biology, medicine, economics, and health economics. Our comprehensive knowledge extends to a nuanced understanding of the Austrian healthcare system, enabling us to adeptly assess treatment pathways, categorize drug mechanisms, and understand the implications of insufficiently addressed health issues. Similarly, we measure the potential relief that may result from introducing a new vaccine or innovative drug, considering its impact on individuals, their families, hospitals, and the entire healthcare system.

Research involves studying international specialist literature, compiling information from reputable databases, identifying new correlations with calculations and links, and discussing results in the context of current knowledge. We present the condensed insights from our studies in a succinct form customized for specific target audiences.

We operate with an open-ended approach and at the highest academic level.

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Our methods

Assessing the economic impact of new treatment methods/pathways/medicines
Burden-of-disease surveys
Conducting Policy Impact Assessment
Cost-Effectiveness-Analysis (CEA)
Cost-Benefit-Analysis (CBA)
Cost-Utility-Analysis (CUA)
Incremental Cost-Effectiveness Ratio (ICER) calculations

Life cycle models with health dynamics

Our sample studies

Access to medical innovations in Austria (available in German)

February 2024, study commissioned by Bristol Myers Squibb


Economic effects of vaccination against Herpes Zoster in Austria (available in German)

April 2023, study subcontracted by HÖRHAN Strategy Consultants GmbH for GlaxoSmithKlinePharma GmbH


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Priv.-Doz. Dr. Andrea Pitzschke

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Dott. Mag. Katharina Diernberger, PhD

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Mag. Dominik Grübl, PhD

Tel.: +43 660 8900 873

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Dr. Martin Gleitsmann

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