Public finances

With a government expenditure ratio of more than 50 percent, the financial flows of the public sector have a major impact on the Austrian economy.

Economica analyzes the management and economic effects of public and parafiscal budgets at all levels of government.

Economica's research agenda ranges from the analysis of the federal budget in intertemporal and international terms to revenue and expenditure benchmarking of municipal finances and impact analyses of taxes and levies. In this context, ex-ante studies of tax policy reform projects as well as ex-post evaluations of existing fiscal policy regulations are carried out. Another research strand deals with the business management activities of the state and the valuation of companies (partly) owned by the public sector. Conversely, Economica also documents the fiscal tax and contribution performance of private companies as part of its economic footprint.

The competence of the Economica team in this thematic field finds its expression in a research portfolio that is appreciated by the Austrian regional authorities (federal government, provinces, municipalities) as well as numerous other clients from the government and civil society sectors.

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Our methods

Public Finance Benchmarking
Cluster analyses
Microsimulation models
Impact and incidence analyses

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