Intangible assets are the white gold of the 21st century.

Economica works with one of the largest and arguably the most powerful proprietary patent database in Europe. This database fully maps the global patentable innovation universe for all member states of the United Nations for well over a decade, and for the OECD area the history goes back more than 25 years. It is highly up-to-date and allows analyses according to technological, institutional, personnel and spatial criteria, including an identification of intra- and international innovation networks.

Economica's research agenda includes brain gain/brain drain balances (national, regional, sectoral), macroeconomic assessment of patent portfolios with cross-links to manufacturing locations and foreign trade dynamics, life cycle analysis of technologies, evaluation of research, technology and innovation programs and projects, identification of innovation hot spots and emerging technologies (weak signals), and competitive intelligence.

In addition, the Economica team uses its thematic expertise for original innovation of its own, currently, among other things, as lead partner for the creation of tactile 3D models of world-famous museum exhibits of the Belvedere and the Manchester Museum (not only) for blind and visually impaired people.

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Our methods

Economica patent database

Research of network topologies

Statistical matching
Panel econometric models
Pseudo 3D and Real 3D technologies

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