In general, every economic and socio-political decision is accompanied by opportunities and risks. Risk analysis is concerned with the evaluation of these potential threats and the identification of their causes. The process ends with a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of options for action, because in order to create the best possible basis for decision-making, a well-founded preparation of the expected reactions is required. As a specialised institution in the field of economic risk research, Economica can evaluate topic- and industry-specific risks, whereby the methodological focus lies in quantitative analysis.

The primary goal is first of all the best possible representation of reality by means of appropriately calibrated models. The mathematical and statistical methods used for this purpose are based on the current state of scientific research and are constantly being further developed. The expertise of the Economica team allows us to analyse complex issues and evaluate options for action in order to create the best possible risk analysis. The results and conclusions obtained in this way ultimately form the basis for precise decision recommendations.

Our Method Portfolio

  • SWOT-analyses
  • Logit-models
  • Probit-models

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