The Economica Institute is a Vienna-based, truly independent non-profit academic research organization, sui generis. Our maxims are forward looking and future formative insights – since 2005.

Our company motto is called: Relevant Economics. Throughout the last years Economica, which is run in the legal form of a non-profit association, has become the largest non- subsidized economic research institute in Austria. The Institute receives neither subsidies nor is its governance influenced by external stakeholders. Our institute is only obliged to the principles of academic integrity as well as innovative performance orientation, hence, Economica is truly independent when choosing its research agenda and its research partners.

Economica focuses on the thorough analysis and innovative design of structural change both on the national and the regional level and the corresponding policies thereof. To this end, Economica uses both sophisticated theoretical and advanced empirical state-of-the-art methods to study the associated economic phenomena and social processes –  or, if necessary, it defines those. The focuses of our research are the analyses as well as the organization of the economic structural change and the related economic phenomena and social processes.

The institute’s excellent human resource base stands out based on its gender parity as well as its demographic diversity, and is based exclusively on regular employment contracts. Economica is part of the Cognion Research Group of socio-economic research institutes in Austria, Germany, and Slovakia. The Cognion Research Group, currently with about 100 employment relationships in Austria, has its headquarters in Vienna.

All functions regarding the executive body of the institute are performed by own team members. The external representation is the responsibility of the members of the management board, which is composed as follows:

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